Ranguana Caye 1-9-16

So- I decided to go with this format because there are going to be lots of pics. This blog is private. Only share with people that you know- I know. LOL

I got beat up with work, and was asked by a friend if I wanted to go on a cheap snorkel trip. Ok- it wasn’t cheap, but it was supposed to be a bargain. As always is the case here, short story is- THAT trip didn’t happen. Everyone all week however was talking about this one. A snorkel trip to Ranguana Caye.

Ranguana Caye is an hour’s ride (in a boat with a twin engine) straight out to sea from here. I had checked the weather for the day ahead of time, and I knew it was going to be an awesome day. No matter what, I kept my schedule clear. Man OH Man– what a fabulous day.

The day started at 8:45. Usually trips like this start at fuck early in the morning- I was so pleased about this. Donuts from Maya Beach started the day.

I know it’s going to be a good day when my view has this kind of stuff in it

start of a great day !

I rarely have beer for breakfast- but I was on vacation !

beer breakfast

That is my partner in crime, Kimberley.

I set a record for snorkeling- I was out there for a little more than an hour. I got cold, and had to pee- I don’t go there ! 🙂

This is the first obstacle- all along the shore line these little fish were the wall.

wall o fish

I don’t have an underwater camera…….

sea bisquit

yellow ray


don't touch ?

and of course- the standard Belize pics.

5PM standard time

a foot from the bar

Paradise !

where are we ?

I used to change this kid’s diapers- poor kid- I can’t let him forget……

IMG_3703And this is his girlfriend.art








And the best part of the day- except it was the end, was getting spit on by dolphins.




4 comments on “Ranguana Caye 1-9-16”

  1. Signe

    Hi Leana, Looks beautiful and to think a few years ago you taught yourself to swim. I go on FB here and there but then sometimes I scroll through and don’t comment right away and then can’t find the posting later, they all get pushed down and mixed up.
    I am so glad that it seems to be all working out for you. I cannot see you living back here ever again. Tucson is so big and I still
    like it but it just isn’t what it used to be. We are getting so much rain lately, I never thought I would be sick of rain here but I want
    the sun! Plus it is cold! For us. 50s during the day and 30s at night, not warm. Should have some 60s the next few days with sun.
    Stay happy! Love, Signe

    • Leana

      wow- what a quick, and interesting reply- nice to hear from you. yes, Facebook is weird like that. Never is a very, very long word, but I am surviving so far- even ok with most of the weather- I have a sweatshirt on right now, if that makes you feel any better. 🙂 LOVE YOU !

  2. Vick

    Hi Leana,
    What great wildlife! Was the water warm? Snorkeling is the gateway to another universe below us, I can see why some prefer scuba, but that’s too much machinery for me, man I miss the water….do you think I could ever get Signe out there? I would disagree however on trying to predict your future…no one would have ever expected this move so how could any of us even begin to see where the next part happens?
    Keep up the postings…for those of us NOT on the social media scene very much because of bah humbug disease, it’s nice when someone can get it to our level easily….thanks….stay adventurous for the rest of us …love, V

    • Leana

      Yup- you could probably get her here, and when the water is calm (that’s the only time I would do it) it would be irresistible !!
      You are right about the NO ONE would predict it part- not even me !!

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